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Your Wallets

What do they tell about you?

Wallets are one of the most personal things. They are with you always, and its something you'd prefer not to share/show to anyone mainly because of the content in it


It unknowingly speaks about you, it speaks about your personality, your profession, your career, your economic condition and more. It's a portrait of you.

Photographing people's wallet allowed me to get intimate details about their lives and create a portrait of them which speaks truly and only about them.

It felt like I was peeping into their lives, invading their privacy but with a consent.

"Wallet reading has been an art of personal discovery, because while clothes may make the man (or woman), the man makes his own wallet. The clothes you’re wearing show the world who you’re trying to be, but the contents of your wallet reflect and reveal who you really are."


There’s no telling where this could lead. All little details speak about you and your habits.


A keyhole that gives a glimpse of your personal and professional lives.

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