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As a keen observer of life, I tried many mediums which could help me release my thoughts. I remember writing notes and cutting images from newspapers to make collages when I was in school, until one day I laid hands upon my sister's camera. And while I helped her with some projects, I realised the solace it gave me. It was accidental, but instantly comforting, like finding home.

Though at first, I began polishing my skills with experiments, It wasn't too long before I was taking photography courses to understand the science behind the medium. Leaving behind the typical career choices which my peers were adhering to, discovering my journey in photography gave me a sense of accomplishment in itself.

I found a certain soul in the stillness and tangibility of photographs; of how an image can speak and narrate stories without having to say anything. I found beauty in the subjectivity of interpretations, of how it can mean different things to different people.
Themes that explore the unseen and neglected, interest me as a photographer. Having worked as a photojournalist initially, it provided me with a medium to express myself in the world I observed, enriching both in process. The known and the unknown from the streets are often my subjects.


With fashion projects, I try to bring out the nuances that I learnt as a documentary photographer, maintaining the given brand's aesthetic merging with my sensibilities.


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